Why you should not opt Push Crew for Browser Push Notification

A comparative study of Push Crew with Feedify

Pushcrew Vs Feedify

A comparative study between features and pricing of Feedify vs Pushcrew is done below.

Pushcrew offers only push notification and there are some features like CTA buttons, customization of the opt-in template or alert message, mobile push notifications , custom branding and importing and exporting data.

The first and the foremost thing that pushcrew offers is a free plan that includes upto 500 subscribers. Its a way of attracting website owners and doing self promotion. The target of reaching 500 subscribers is a very small one that lures the website owner into purchasing a paid plan for a push notification service that starts with $25/month for (2000 subscibers) and goes upto $250/month(50,000 subscribers).

Pushcrews initial plan is the biggest trap one could get into because there is no option of importing or exporting the subscribers or data that is accumulated by the website owners.

Feedify is not equal to only push notification and therefore its not available for free. Its a set of 9 tools including push notification that focuses on customer engagement.

All the features of push notification besides branding that are described on the pricing page of pushcrew comes under a $25 Plan of feedify. The team provides a free demo along with a test access to test the features of the tools.



Billing –

Feedify’s billing mechanism works on number of unique visitors coming each month on the website and pushcrew’s work on number of subscribers gained. Every month the limit is renewed and it is independent of the number of subscribers gained.

Let us understands this by taking a case there are two websites A and B both getting somewhere around 500 unique visitors on a daily basis that counts to 15,000 visitors/month. For using all the feature of push notification service A will have to opt for a $25 plan from feedify from the first month or from the time of  integrating Feedify on the website, website A goes for a Feedify $25 plan which besides push notification offers After sale feedback, Notifications, Offer pop-ups, Newsletters, Feedback forms, Surveys, Importing and Exporting data to mailchimp or Excel and many more features.

Website B goes for a free trial plan from pushcrew that offers only push notification with minimal features.


Since both the webistes are getting good number of visitors their subscription rate is around 5% that corresponds to 750 subscribers in a month’s time.
Now at this rate website B reach the mark of 500 subscibers within 20 days now website B is asked to upgrade the plan on 21th day of the month.
Taking into cognizance the results shown and the advantages that push notifications has over its peers website B analyses the plans that pushcrew offers and upgrades to a Business Plan upto 2K subscribers which is the lowest business plan that costs to $75/month.
Now since Feedify’s Plan is independent of the number of subscibers and its totally dependent on the number of unique visitors. A can anytime upgrade as well as downgrade the plan but B this option is not available to B since once the subscriber is acquired it falls into another pricing slab.
Lets say A at this rate at the end of 1 year acquired 9000 subscribers under a $25 Plan with a monthly renewal of vistors cap of 25,000 which is well above the 15,000 unique visitors it recieves in a month’s time, with all the other features besides push notification that have already been descibed and shown in the image.
The total billing that website A has to process comes to $300/year. Further more if A pays this amount on an annual basis A gets a an additional discount of 20% which corresponds to a payment of $240/year for all sorts of customization in the push notifications service along with a set of other tools and features.

Lets look at the billing of B. After careful planning B took the step of taknig a lowest business plan of 2000 subscribers for $75/month. Within a span of three months pushcrew will ask B to upgrade the plan to upto 5000 subscribers as the limit of 2000 subscribers is reached.
Now for three months payment to pushcrew is equal to $225. The next mark that is 5000 subscribers will be breached in say 8th month for additional 5 month the payment is made.