What is Opencart and How is opencart best suited with Feedify?


Opencart is a simple and light weight eCommerce platform, which can be used to make small to medium size eCommerce website. It gives you readymade ecommerce website with all standard features that you need for ecommerce. Opencart help you to complete all shopping task easily. It is very easy to learn and implement. The best thing is you can manage pages, footer , header etc easily without any technical knowledge.


Benefits of opencart :

  • Plugins

Opencart provides wide variety of plugins which helps you customize your website to meet the needs of your business and your customers as well.

  • Server Resource

By adding plugins you can get some additional features in opencart. Adding a few plugins does not affect the speed and efficiency of your opencart website.

  • Cost Effective & Read to Use

opencart is very cost effective. It is best suited for small business and online store. You can download and use opencart free of charge. You simply install, select your template, add products and you’re ready to start accepting orders. Opencart provides full customization of your store.

  • Well Designed Admin Interface

Opencart comes with an admin panel, a place where you can manage everything for your store like user management, product management, inventory etc. All of the menus are very user-friendly.


How is opencart best suited with Feedify

As you know Opencart is an ecommerce plateform and Feedify comes with such extention that are very much useful for ecommerce. So Opencart is best suited with Feedify. Les us discuss in detail :

Benefits of Feedify :

For ecommerce –

  • Visitors feedback form – – Customer can easily interact with you for any form of queries and helping you develop the ideal customer data base.


  • Push notification –You can send push notification to your customer about sales, discounts, offers, when aren’t on your website. In this way you can attract your customer. Send personalized messages based on geo location of subscribers and gain more click rate and page views.


  • Survey Form –Using survey form surveys can be scheduled and automated. You can either use your template or ours for survey. It can be used for targeting. You can collect customers feedback in the form of survey.


  • After Sale Feedback –Keeping your customer happy is the most important thing in any kind of business. You can send a feedback form to your customer on their email and can collect customers reviews about your product and service.


  • Reviews –You can collect reviews about your website and services. Customer can rate you as well. You can show your customers ratings and reviews on your website.


  • Exit intent popup – Let customer don’t leave your website. Using exit intent popup you can resist your customer from leaving the website. Feedify Exit Intent tracks a visitors mouse movements and triggers a pop up containg information of some discounts or special offers when clicked on cross button.
  • how-feedify-suited-opencart
  • Notification, Offer popups, Newsletter & social widget – Using offer notification you can increase your sales pitch. Notify them at the right time to deliver usage based guidance or information. Using offer popups you can retain as many customers as possible. You can send special offers to your customers on special occasions. Using newsletter, pops create custom newsletters and target your customers by email collection. Increase your mailing list by our subscription form. Using newsletter you can increase your branding among your visitors and give them Marketing tips. let customer know about free shipping, flashing coupon code, etc and make theme aware of your latest development. Social widgets can be used to increase your followers, customers, subscribers etc. on social media. This widget allow your customer to like you and follow you on various social from your website only via just one click.



For website –

  • Get details of your visitors – Collect details of your visitors and use it perfectly to make them customers.
  • Automate the consultation process – Collect emails and make registration easy for your customers.
  • Create branding and gain customer revisits – Increase your branding among your visitors and give them insight of Marketing tips.
  • Make aware of your latest development– Aware your customer about your latest development by flashinng the message with this sleek baar.
  • Newsletter Subscriber – Increase your branding among your visitors and give them insight of Marketing tips.


Opencart as a plateform :

  • Easy for development
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to make changes to your opencart store
  • Virtual file structures : VQMOD & OCMOD
  • Documentation, forums & articles
  • Extentions & Modules
  • Ready to use templates
  • Multilanguage
  • Multistore
  • SEO friendly