Safari Push Notifications make it all simple to engage the audience

Push Notifications Feedify

Push technology has made easier to connect and engage the user. The direct connection of it with the internet has made it a prime feature of web browsing applications. Once the user has allowed, you don’t need to send any request to the receiver. These are authorized and subscribed based services, out of which Safari push notifications have come up with the extra feature.

Safari push notifications have made services easy and can send direct push notifications to Mac Os. After completing Safari configuration in any device MacBook, iMac or any other macOS/OSX your website visitors can receive push notifications of Allow.

Apple push notification is Safari push notifications services to your website visitors and push notify them about recent updates. You can share new content, offers, news and can create more revenue with a new target base audience.

Safari push notifications work like an app notification, you can send notification even when safari’s browser is not running. The push notification from the safari can be delivered to Macbook but this is not allowed on the iPhone.

How Safari Push Notifications works

Feedify works with the latest developments to increase the traffic by sending notifications to users without knowing the email ids through safari push notifications.

Safari was the first to introduce and integrate web push in the market. Recently it has a market share of 5-7%. Users will receive the notification from the website once the allow button is clicked. It is not necessary to keep the web page open on the browser.

Safari and OS together are capable of keeping up the native and consistent experience for its subscribers/users.

Many have a question that it’s difficult to generate effective Safari push notifications. Somehow, choosing Feedify will make it simple to work with and divert the audience with push notifications when users are not active on the browser.

It’s not tough to install Safari notifications, things to do before implementing

1. Testing for Safari 7
2. The website should have HTTP protocol
3. To registering a push ID requires Apple developer program
4. Push package required for PHP
5. After all this process, registering a website push ID
6. The certificate will be generated for website push ID registration
7. Push package will be created with signature, manifest and archive file
8. Serving the push package and content
9. To configure from the client-side.

How installing push notifications can help generate revenue

Yes, you can earn money by implementing Safari push notifications to your website. The best way to engage your audience as well as to get direct revenue from them.

Revenue will be generated according to a user click on ads. Safari push notifications help in engaging users by notifying them as well as money-making. No such worry or problems. Just follow the steps to integrate the script on the website. Once you will get installed the script ads will be run to your website.

Having a website on different platforms. Feedify work with all. Whether it’s a Drupal, Blogger, Big-commerce, WordPress or any other. It’s easy to integrate with all different sites.

Benefits of installing Safari Push Notification

No personal details requirement
It’s a web or browser push notifications that do not require any personal details. This helps both the parties users as well as marketers. User doesn’t need to share their personal details at the same time marketers doesn’t have fake information. This also blocks the message spamming as the notification will directly land ko screen, not in the inbox.

Real-time delivery
The time you send push notifications users will receive it to their notification bar of mobile and desktop, irrespective of user present on the website or not. Once the Macbook and other users have allowed your Safari push notifications they will receive it at the same time.

User engagement
Among many web push notifications, the one who can engage the MacBook users with web API is only the Safari push notifications. This makes it a good rach and retains, engage and converts the valuable customers.

High conversion, high revenue
Comparing with other options like Email marketing, SMS, push notifications are found with the highest conversion rate. The more the users engage on the website, the more the options of generating revenue increased.

Web push notifications are used to build a marketing list and engage users. Safari push notifications with all these have an advance feature to target all Macbook users. It also assists the better performance on the basis of frequency of notification, a number of notifications sent. This also includes the revenue generated from the number of sales, customer re-engagement.

Connecting with Feedify will assure you get high revenue through Safari push notifications service. Signup now for free push notifications to get your user re-engaged and a direct way to earn money.