Push Notification Services for Safari Browsers

Safari Push notification services

Apple phones have exclusive technology. Safari Push Notifications uses the apple push notifications to send to website users even when the safari is not in an active mode. It functions just like the push notifications on apps. It displays the website icon and notifications same like those notifications which are seen on the apps. The users can click on the notifications and can directly redirect to the website. At, Feedify, we cater to the needs of the users of different browsers and operating systems. Our expertise in delivering safari push notification is unbeatable. Our aim is to keep the audience engaged on real time basis even when they are not visiting your site.

Safari was the first to introduce and integrate web push which has a market share of 5-7%. Browser push notification or web push notifications are those which come from a website. These are not onsite notifications so one receives a message on the desktop even when the specific web page is not open on the browser. Safari and operating systems together are cable of keeping up the native and consistent experience for its subscriber.Safari browser was the first one to have supported push notifications on desktop.

A well planned strategy is required to fetch the maximum benefits out of the safari push notifications campaign, Safari Push Notification Services just like other browsers. We focus on sending targeted browser push notifications to safari users with emphasis on building marketing list for the users and fastening the accumulation of your potential marketing list. Through targeted push notifications we drive desired actions from users/subscribers. We segment the user activities on certain criteria and thereby send relevant messages of the respective section.  To extend your internal CRM we integrate the safari push notifications which acquire the accumulated data about the customers. Higher conversation rate is ensured by sending the push notifications at the right time to the right users.

Prior to implementing the push notifications Safari is tested, website is built under HTTP protocol, apple developer program that accounts for registering a push ID, push package for PHP, register for a website push ID, generate a certificate for website push ID registration, push package is created with manifest, signature, and archive file, serves content and the push package, check out the client side, One may encounter some problem while implementing Safari Push notification, so we figure out the problem and configure the solutions

Safari Push notification is used to build marketing list and engage the potential as well as existing users with notifications. It drags users back to the site. It also assists in starting a new optimized campaign with better performance on the basis of number of notifications sent, frequency of notifications sent, number of sales and its final revenue generated and on time delivery with customer’s re-engagement. Choosing Feedify, for all your Safari and browser web push notifications would assure you of building an effective communication channel with the users at the right time even when they are not active on the browser.