Push Notification Services- Back Bone of Smart Phones

Push Notification Services

Smartphone applications,  is accustomed to building applications for customers with their specific needs in mind. This typically is the best approach – give the customer what they want. However, what they want may not take in mind what they can do.

With push notifications you can send messages directly to the people who have installed your app, even when the app is closed on a device. What does this do for you? If you’re the customer, you get notifications of sales, services, events and more. If you’re the merchant or provider, you get the ability to share with the users of the app in ways far superior to email or other media alone. With notifications, you create customer engagement by delivering directly information that can be immediately applied to their needs (the customer needs). This can be sports scores, breaking news, game updates, social media posts, stock price quotes and so much more. Each can be tailored to your audience.

There are tools that your developer can employ, which allow you to send messages to your entire audience, to break your total audience into specific subgroups or to actually use push notifications to the individual level (stock prices, account updates, etc.). These tools allow you to specifically address your customers’ needs while keeping your interactivity level high. The more you’re interacting with your customers, the more you’re able to assure that they are consuming your information and services.

Some of these have already been mentioned such as the social media posts and sports stores. You may receive badge updates from Facebook games, notices from friends and similar. But from a commercial perspective, there are plenty of uses beyond this. Consider the following:

  • Inform Customers of Sales and specials
  • Announce Special Events
  • Post job openings (I’ve seen this with a coffee shop!)
  • Coordinate activities (A local Bowling Alley uses this to get tournaments set)

Build activist involvement (Political groups find this to be invaluable)

If you’re considering the push notices you’ve received, then you can relate back to the practical uses for the push notifications and they become less of an intrusion into your life and more of a benefit. If you’re a marketer (a merchant with an app), then you must consider using push notifications with your apps.