Premium Usability Honor for Mobile Marketing Software

Feedify Starts 2019 with Premium Usability Honor for Mobile Marketing Software from Trusted Platform for SaaS Reviews

Since its inception, Feedify has brought unparalleled customer engagement to thousands of businesses globally. Of course, quantity does not always equate to quality, and this is why we are incredibly thrilled to receive the Premium Usability for 2019 award from reputed business software review platform FinancesOnline.

In evaluating Feedify for its annual industry awards, FinancesOnline took into account a number of advantages offered by our cloud-based push notifications solution. Overall, they believe that Feedify is “the real deal” for client engagement and maximizing one’s monetization thanks to its “comprehensive set of e-marketing tools.”

Recognized under the FinancesOnline list of mobile marketing platforms with automation, Feedify has all the essential tools businesses need to grow their clientele and drive growth to their business. More importantly, core e-marketing functionalities are available in reasonable Feedify pricing options that can satisfy the requirements of all business sizes.

Earning a 100% user satisfaction rating and being recognized in FinancesOnline’s best customer experience management software category, Feedify was commended for delivering a seamless and fuss-free experience overall. As stated by the review team, Feedify users won’t have any problems with slowdowns, lag, and other detriments to one’s operational efficiency.

The cherry on top is the Rising Star award bestowed to us by FinancesOnline. This esteemed industry recognition is given to mobile marketing software companies that deliver an outstanding level of service to meet customer needs and demands.

Feedify will continue to provide better experiences to all its users in the months and years to come. Of course, we’d also love to hear your experiences with Feedify, so please don’t forget to head over to FinancesOnline and post your own user review.