Notifications – Make your sales grow with Notifications

Do you know how many times a person checks his/her Smartphone in a day? Well 85 times a day. They do so to check on phone calls, messages, or to shop for something and check exciting offers. And there is always a push notification flashing on their screen.  Attractive notifications are an effective tool for increasing sales and engaging more customers. Notifications provide basic information about the products and the special offers, discounts, on the product. More customers are engaged when notification is flashed on the screen at the right time and to the right customer.

In today’s web arena people browse or search for their needs on their Smartphone, or on their desktops. Whether they have to grab an offer, or they want some unexpected discounts on their favorite products from E-Commerce websites or even to go for a dine they check it out on web. Mobile applications for all such activities are also there on the app stores.

Capturing attentions of the customers:

Push notifications can help in engaging customers more by flashing it on their home screen in very period of time. It is most common that a user uses an app for a week and then losses interest in it. It is important for customers to feel attached to the app and it can be done through amazing push notifications.

Why are push notifications so engaging?

Messages sent through push notifications are engaging because it does not have any detailed info about the product; it’s just throwing some light on it. Generally masses got E-mails, long messages from the marketers but they are very filthy and very few people read these. But push notifications are very short and attractive so it catches people’s eye very easily.

Push notificationsto boost sales:

Push notifications can be used as powerful tool for increasing sales line of the company. By downloading an app, users are asked whether they want push notifications or not? Some of them agree to it and some may not. Customer’s wants push notifications on their phones to know about the exciting new offers, and flat discounts on the products they wish to have.

Create notifications for your product in just 3 easy steps with

1) Sign up and integrate the widget

2) Create Notification:

Select template or can create your own.

3) Fill your offerings and save it.