Mobile Push Notification Services : Simple Way to Create Brand Image of Your Business

Mobile push notification Effective communication is one of the major tools of digital marketing besides having ambient business skills. This sounds to be very easy but it isn’t actually. There’s a question to ask oneself i.e. How will you communicate with your target audience with thousands of miles between you two? This was the reason behind introducing the mobile push notifications. Push notifications have been introduced to the world of digital marketers as a productive tool. The main purpose of introducing this type of push notification is to deliver your relevant messages to your target audience, let them know what you think and give them a vivid imagery of your formulated ideas. Push notification helps you to pave your way and connect with your audience.Mobile Push NotificationAt Feedify, we provide you with mobile push notification services which help your desired outcome. Sending push notifications on mobile is called Mobile Push Notifications. Mobile push notification is a message or a template that pops up on your mobile or web screen whenever you are surfing the internet through the browsers. These push notifications will be sent from the business website to your target audience over the various browsers like firefox, chrome, opera and so on.

In the recent trend, one of the best advancements in this notification technology is seen through the fact that now you don’t need a special app for generating the messages. Instead, you can now use your website as a means of reaching out to them even when they are visiting your page for the time being. Push notifications on mobiles are very handy owing to the fact that over seventy per cent of today’s population is mobile users.

With Feedify, you get to enjoy the freedom to choose and decide on your own on the following:

What to send – Welcome the new visitors or let them know about delivery updates or inform them about some news and so on

When to send – Deciding the right time when highest level of interaction is expected or schedule push notifications for later depending upon visitor’s time zone

Where to send – Choose your impact region, track users on the basis of demography, launching location specific campaigns

The push notifications we create for you are bound to impress your visitors since we create interesting as well as actionable messages by adding relevant images, emojis, icons, action buttons and much more. These messages pop up straight on the subscriber’s device.

Our campaign for you incorporates a well thought off campaign that keeps the visitors/users/subscribers engaged and help you keep track of your performance with rich analytics in place. You need not worry about the dull and boring templates and content we at Feedify are ready to modify any sort of content into an interesting and an attractive content. We develop the notifications and send them to the audience at regular intervals in the form of remainders. Push notifications helps you to invite the audience, catch their attention, updating them, informing the news and inviting them in case of any event.