Main Features of Feedify

Push notification servicesAre you waiting for your business to come into limelight, and want to increase the traffic of your website, Feedify does that for you. Feedify provides you with push notification services. We send push notifications to the subscribers even if they are not on your website. Displaying your information on the browser is done for real time. Basing on the geo location we send personalized messages to your subscribers.By knowing your products and your goal we create different types of push notifications and send them to your customers at regular intervals.  Engaging your website with traffic is all we do with our push notification services.

Push notification is generally a message that pops up on the screen irrespective of the fact whether your respective page is running or not. Our expertise in fabricating effective messaging strategy is bound to leave a mark on user’s mind. Our uniqueness lies in keeping the message simple yet productive reaping the maximum benefit out of the available options. Safari push notifications can be sent to your website users using Apple phones even when the safari isn’t in active mode.  The users can click or touch the notification and directly go to the respective websites. We cater to the needs of users of different browsers and operating systems.

Online survey creator is used to speak directly to the subscriber s one on one with personalized, targeted and result oriented push notifications. Creating interesting questions and giving attractive options and gaining the user’s attention is all we do which is completely a plus point for your websites reach. Automated campaign is engaged to every new visitor that visits your site. Tracking your performance with rich analytics that and measuring the users interactions is also calculated. Delivering all your updates and inviting them to all your events is also done.

After sale services is just like a fuel to the drooping business. Whether it’s the product related or after shopping experiences one should know how to keep the customers happy and satisfied, For this you have to take feedbacks from them after their every experience. We help you with the feedback section. Our Feedify experts will build an automated sales review system to stay updated with visitors and customers for your product or services. Mobile push notification services are provided where catchy words, interesting and attractive content is written to make the customer curious. Through our mobile push notification services we let your customers or the visitors know about your work and give them regular updates. Online newsletters are created for you with attractive designs and templates.

New to the site, we welcome the customers to look at your website. If you have an offer we will help you catch their attention. Any updates are there then we will send them. Any good news to inform we will deliver to your customers in no time. We invite new customers if you organize any event. Many more services are provided if you subscribe to our services. Hurry up! Your just one click away from your success.