IOS Push Notification

Apple says “No” to Safari push notification service in IPhone and IPads
but not for long.


1) In February 2014 an Apple employee working on Webkit had shown some interest in implementation of
Service Workers, a major feature that supports the Web Push protocol in Safari.

2) Webkit shows satus of “Service workers” is under consideration under Appple’s 5 year Plan.

That post was done in the year 2015 since then its almost been two years we haven’t had or heard any news or updates on this feature.


Web push notifications are in the market for quite some time.
Almost all the major browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Opera now support web push notifications service for all the devices.

Now with release of Chrome 59, Chrome web push notifications are displayed by native Mac OS notification system and that’s a bright point
to consider as this impies that Apple might be slowly and steadily convinced about the market acceptibility of push notifications.

Its only a matter of time when Apple would be compelled to introduce its push notification service for Safari in IPhones and IPads
Our guess is that in the fourth quarter of 2017 or the first quarter of 2018 one could see this service coming up.

Safari in IPhone and IPads is the only browser that does not support this service.
Safari for Mac works just fine and allows Safari push notification service.

IOS is a very selective platform and only allows applications that are registered with Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) to send
push notifications and that’s a manual setup for push notification service. On top of this there are certain set of rules that an application
developer must abide by to send in app push notifications.
And also there is a very limited support or rather no support on the background processes or services required for functioning of safari push notifications on iOS.