How to increase conversion of your word press blog and website

Push-Notifications-For-WordPressWhat is WordPress?

WordPress is world’s most popular website creation tool which is written in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Considering today’s scenario its one of the simplest way of blogging and CMS (content management system) tool. WordPress is a platform for lot of website it may be e-commerce, portfolio, blogging etc it is an excellent & multipurpose CMS tool.

Companies which use wordpress to publish some content on the web are a good company that is for sure.  For example: Blogs (TechCrunch), News (CNN), Celebrities, Forbes 500 companies, music sites etc are the ones who use wordpress.


Use of wordpress across the internet-

There are 63% of total website created and registered online out of which 30% of them are using wordpress. (Source: W3 Techs, 2018)

Best thing about wordpress is that it is 100% free. Just go to to download & use or else go to to sign up and use. is elf hosted version wherein one has to run wordpress from your named hosting account and you have total control over themes etc. where on runs in on the wordpress server only it’s a hosted version, one drawback of it is that you don’t total control over it for a small amount has to be paid for it.

WordPress website can be customized according to your choice as there are lot of option to add themes and plug-in using website. It’s an easy set up tool for even those who doesn’t even have a website right now as it doesn’t require any coding or decoding it’s just that are lot of options for free site themes or design choose one and start using it.

Why WordPress is a good tool for creating your blog/ business?

  • Its open source- that means that people from all around the world are working on it for more better working and efficiency and because of that it is 100% completely free to use.
  • It is adaptable- as there are lots of options available to change design or theme at any point of time to change the look of website accordingly and even add feature too like online store or gallery etc.
  • Easy to use- no need of any web designer to create or edit a change one can do it on its own and anytime.
  • Manageable- Business itself has control over it and its content.

Talking about web push notifications and how it is related to wordpress: Web push notifications are messages that are clickable which is displayed on the top of the screen of user’s desktop/ mobile screen. It can be shown even when the browser it is not in use. Majorly all the good companies are using it as a marketing source (Facebook, LinkedIn etc) as it is considered better marketing tool than Email or SMS etc and web push notifications has 50% open rate on mobile devices as surveyed. So basically all this will leads to customers engagement and retention on wordpress site and would increase conversion rate.

There are a lot of companies offering web push notification service and it’s completely free to use so one just has to install & activate it. After set up is done properly visitor can opt-in for push notifications to be received on the device whenever new post is updated and even when browser not in use still it can received.

Some Characteristics:

  1. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft are supported by this type of companies offering push notification service.
  2. Notifications are sent automatically whenever new post is updated or reminder is set for certain intervals.
  3. Notifications are sent to only targeted customers based upon the attributes specified.
  4. Notifications are delivered on real time and can be tracked how visitors are turned into customers.

All this is totally free with no confinement.

Let’s take an instance and discuss some reasons to increase conversion for your wordpress blog: Talking about E-commerce-

  1. It is important to do targeting that is target the right customers who are specific and related to your field and find out all the demographic factors about it (income & education level etc.) On website always post good and clear image of the product from all angles to create a good impact as it affects a lot while making buying decision.
  2. After all process of selecting and finalising the product and adding it to the cart now comes the payment option where if the website provides credit card & PayPal and other various options they tend to have 30% higher chance of conversion instead of one having only one option.
  3. Speed site also plays an important role as your site is slow then it affects customer’s decision and that leads to conversion rate less by 7% as even single second delay can cost much for a business.
  4. Catchy Headline it’s is very important to create a eye catchy headline as it grabs customers attention and stops them for a while to have a look so don’t let your customers let go in anyway just try to be more creative to create a tagline with proper font, style, content etc.
  5. Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase sales & volume as doesn’t always act best but maximum time it does and with email marketing conversion rates also do increase. Good way to increase your mailing list is use plug-in. Bloom and Pop-up maker (free) are good plug-in to be used for increasing conversion rate through email marketing.
  6. In today’s world people are getting more conscious about buying even a small product as fake is the new thing which is eating up the market and its sales, so 70% of people usually go through product ratings & review to have a look at it before just buying it and that leads to 74% increase in conversion rate. As in market good products only stay and get sold, bad ones are out of the line.
  7. Returning visitor and new visitor are totally different so treat them differently and chances of increase in conversion rate is more in returning visitor as for that you should offer them some special discount or vouchers to make their return worthwhile.
  8. Registration process, don’t ever make it complex for customers not everyone is comfortable sharing personal information so it’s better to add social login to wordpress which can be helpful to your business as lot of information can be received about customers which can act better for future use, keep registration process as optional otherwise it may lead to 26% decrease in conversion rate as customers would leave cart and site without buying products.
  9. Live chat rooms/ support system, FAQS are must for any website as it been surveyed by Boldsoft that websites having Live chat will definitely lead to 62% visitors coming back to website for repurchase and 38% purchased the product during the chat itself.
  10. Cart Process just make it sure its short as people tend to step back in between if they find the process is lengthy and taking their too much of time.
  11. No shipping cost that’s the option which actually grabs customers attention and they to make purchase so try to offer free shipping if not to everyone the at least to ones who are returning customers it creates a good impact and 61% of customers tend to cancel their purchase process if it’s not free so it’s better to offer no shipping cost to increase conversion rate.

Business reputation plays an important role in the market and for that one should always keep in mind that how to continue with it and increase conversion of your wordpress blog by using the above options. For business growth it is necessary to keep in mind to make changes and it should for its good & growth both. Keep testing new ideas and don’t forget to track what works well for your business. At last it’s a never ending race beat the competition and be in the race and strive to win it.

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