How to Connect with Customers

In today’s world, there are more ways than ever to connect with your customers online. Many business owners, marketing experts, and other professionals share their ideas and talk about all of the different ways to connect with customers. But which ways work best? Here are some proven ways to connect with your customers.

Figure out exactly who they are.

Something that definitely won’t help you connect with your customers is not knowing who they are. You might have a target audience in mind, but is that who you’re really reaching? Figure out who your customers are and then focus your marketing tactics on them. If your ideal customer is who you’re marketing for, they’ll know. They’ll feel a connection with your business and they’ll feel understood. This can go a long way toward building trust between you and your customers.

Survey your customers.

One of the most effective ways to connect with your customers (and give them what they want) is to do a Feedify customer survey or feedback form. Ask them specific questions and then pay attention to their answers. This is the best way to connect with them because you’ll know exactly what they’re thinking and exactly what they want. You can adjust your products and services and turn them into exactly what your customers are looking for. This will also help you attract even more new customers.

Use your website’s blog.

A simple yet helpful tool that a lot of businesses overlook is a blog. If you keep up a quality blog on your website, it will build up customer engagement. They will read it and respond to it. They’ll also be more likely to interact with your business, follow you on social media, and keep up to date with what’s going on. It helps build trust and customer loyalty.

Keep up to date with social media.

Social media is the number one way to find new customers. Almost everyone is on social media in today’s world. So keep up to date with social media trends, and make sure you’re aware of which platforms your ideal customer uses. You don’t want to waste all of your time on Twitter if your customers are on Instagram. Do some research on which platforms you should be using and ignore the rest. Post regularly on social media and stay active. This will help customers feel more connected with your business.

Try to respond to every message.

Customers want to feel like you value them. If someone asks you a question about your business and you ignore them, do you think they’ll feel very important? Try to take the time to respond to every email, Tweet, message, etc. This will help customers feel like you actually value them and that you’re trustworthy. People appreciate good customer service and it helps build a strong connection.

Reach them through email marketing.

Even though social media is important, email marketing is more important. Most people would prefer to receive marketing in their inbox than on social media. Email is also more personal. If someone gives you their email address and agrees to let you send them emails, then they really want your business. So try to build up your email list and send out emails regularly – at least once a month. This will help you connect with customers and help your customers keep your business in their mind. You can build your email list fast by using Feedify’s Newsletter Pops form.