Exploring the Science of Customer Engagement – Tips that will help!

Customers engagement is a science. For those who consider it an art are living in a grandiose disillusion.

Why? Because ART is often intuitive; a product of our creative instincts. On the other hand customer engagement and retention cannot be predicted based on your instincts. It is based those of thousands of individual instincts of the customers.

To safely assume that you can read the minds of each one of them, at the click of your fingers might be naive. To understand such behaviours, one has to effectively understand the stimuli that guides customer behavior. And often such analysis is a science.

Another mistake that many make is to think that customer engagement is like carving a statue. If you have the tools, you will fare well. But that’s not true either. Plain plugins and softwares

cannot always give you optimum results. They are mere tools. How you use the tools is perhaps more important.

Thus, a proper customer engagement approach considers the behavioral patterns of all its customers and plans an engagement programme accordingly.

To help you with that, here are some tips!

Making a strong first impression

First impressions are important. More so on the internet. Most of the times the user opens a websites and what he sees there the first time immediately determines whether he will ever visit again or not. So making a strong first impression becomes the key.

Now let’s see how to use this key.

It is understandable that many websites have to maintain a high sign up rate. So they create these Registration Walls™ around their platform that forces the user to sign up.


Unless you are a really big, famed name that offers something in a way that no one else does, it’s often ill-advised to do that. First, the customer must be given an option to see the basic features of what you offer to get them interested.

Once  you know that you have successfully lured them into the product, and now they want to access the feature, only then should you start asking for sign ups.

Getting them started

What good is  anything if people don’t know how to use it?

Walk throughs are a great way to get the customers started and help them contextualize what you are offering.

But often times, walk throughs are tedious and highly unnecessary. The first thing you should ask yourself is, Does my product really requires a walk through?


If yes, how long should it be? Walk throughs should always be short and crisp. They should also not be mandatory and a user must have the option to entirely skip it if he feels he is adequately acquainted with how to use the product.

Another option that one might want to explore to is to give tiny bite sized walkthroughs  that pops up when a user accesses a certain section.

Building Trust

People don’t easily trust companies they do not know. Again, more so on the internet. So how to win trust?

Firstly, by ensuring right at the beginning that we will be there to help you in case even the slightest thing goes wrong. The visitors should know that you got them covered.


Secondly and more importantly, it should reflect that you are actually addressing the impending issues. It can be achieved by actively working on your social media handles like Twitter and giving prompt responses to the queries and concerns. Also, it is best if you reply to people who put up reviews to your product personally. This shows that you really care about the direction in which the company is heading.

Holding on the them

This part involves creating incentive programmes that keeps the customer further engaged on your platform.

Incentives could include random offers based on lucky draws or sincerely rewarding a loyal customer. This technique is often used in day to day world, when a shop offers free service to some nth customer. If this be applied to internet run facilities, the result churns out to be satisfactory.


Again, a better way to do this is to give out offers individually based on the usage statistics of the customer. Whenever there seems to be a drop in the access, you can incentivize them to make them stay.

Making them a part of the team

The best way to win a customer for the long term is by helping them associate with your brand. Communities and forums are a tested way to do that.

Some say that they are outdated and no one visits them any longer, they should try the new app versions of communities like Mi, PornHub and 9Gag.


You can reward members of the community by giving them early access to what your products. Also, one added benefit is that these community members often give the most dependable and honest  feedback. They do so because they feel a ‘connect’ with you.

And if you have achieved that on a large scale, you’re good to go!