Exit Intent Pop ups

We know! Many of you hate exit intent pop ups. Though they are irritating but they are also very useful thing. They work actually!

Exit intent Pop ups get less attention from the viewers. They flash on screen when a person is leaving the website. That time he/she is in hurry to go for some other stuff and they does not pay attention to it.

This is the creativity and innovation of the pop up, that catches the viewer’s eye even when he has to go for other stuffs.

Exit Intent Pop ups


Here are the 5 essentials of exit intent pop ups:

Right pop to the Right one:

Targeting a customer is very important aspect of exit intent pop ups. It should be made sure that the right message reaches to the right customer. If they depart from any blog or content then they should be displayed a pop up for the same content he/she visited.

For example: If someone is looking for men’s apparels that time and your are flashing them pop ups of books or some other items, then it will not make any sense and they will ignore it. You need to make sure that the pop ups relates to the wants of the customer.

Exit Intent Pop ups



Quality popup layout is all about meeting your visitor’s expectations, meaning it should fit the style and theme of your site. The colors, fonts, display should be similar to your website. Anything different will not convey the message properly to the visitors.

Exit Intent Pop ups



If in case you are putting your pop ups in wrong way, then also in some case, briefing about the pop can win you some conversions. Now is not the time to stay in long vague especially for pop ups. Visitors are already having less interest in it. So we need to convey our message as simple as possible without any interference.

For example: How to focus on the offer. The hard to miss title says it all; in return for your name and email, you will get a free conversion crash course. Even if you don’t read the details, you still know what it is.

Exit Intent Pop ups


Make your button actionable:

Your users have presumably been compelled by your offer, filled in some information, and are now ready to seal the deal.

Exit Intent Pop ups



It is true that, the final decision is with the user that he wants to convert it or not. You can influence them by increasing the choices in it.