Engaging your visitors is key to retaining them

What separates successful websites from the not-so-popular ones! No, it’s not their marketing budget. Rather, it’s how they engage their visitors and make them linger around a little longer by holding on to their interest.

Creating a great User Interface, putting in relevant content and advertising your site are all important ingredients to get your site up and running. But what separates the long distance marathon runners from the sprinters is the way they sustain their stamina and make it last. You may run a million-dollar campaign at the launch of your website but unless it succeeds in grabbing the attention of your visitors and makes them interested in the content you are offering; the initial razzmatazz will soon fizzle out.

In a world driven with hyper information, the attention span of visitors is dwindling at a fast rate. Every minute that you engage your visitors more is worth its weight in gold.

It is easier said than done though. If it were so easy then so many websites would not have gone down fighting. However,the brighter side is that it’s not that tough either.

To achieve that elusive visitor engagement target you need to provide the right impetus at the right time to hook your customers’ attention and then keep them occupied. And the good news is that there are well-established practices around visitor engagement which if followed correctly yield just the results that you desire. Let us now take a look at some of these best practices for user engagement.

Notifications are the foremost weapons in the arsenal of the attention grabber. A correctly timed notificationhighlighting an exclusive promotion or latest article might pique your visitor’s curiosity and make him click the link flashed in front of him. The moment he clicks the link; he is back on your site again. If you make sure that the page he lands on after clicking on the notification is good, then you have a visitor who is truly hooked. Such a visitor is bound to move around your website and explore more now as he now believes you have interesting content to offer to him.

Surveys provide you those crucial insights into your customers’ minds. A website needs to continually evolve to match the expectations of its visitors. User experience feedback is best obtained from the users themselves. You may have gone ahead and built your site navigation and experience as per what your in-house user experience expert suggested. But maybe it is not exactly what your customers are looking for. Your content might be growing in a direction totally opposite to what your visitor’s needs.

A well-timed and accurately-worded survey might give you those much needed tips in a week which you would figure yourself in three months by studying heat-maps, visitor profiles and the likes. The timely inputs from a survey will help you keep your site customized in line with what your customers want. And if you are up-to-date with the content and experience that your customers want then you will successfully engage them.

If you are selling a product, then knowing the positives and negatives of your product from the point-of-view of your customers is a given. Your customers should believe that their opinions are being listened to. If your customer is aware that the product experiences he shared, after he bought the product, is being used for improving the next product version,then he is bound to be engaged with your product and your brand. So keep an after-sales feedback section on every product’s landing page and respond to every feedback with diligence. You will be rewarded with loyalty from your customers for sure!

Promotional offers are a sure fire way to winover customers for any business. But in a competitive online marketspace, what matters is showing the targeted promotional offer at the right time. If your user has browsed around in say your t-shirts section and is moving out, then showing him an offer for ‘3 t-shirts for the price of 2’ might just help you in closing that sale. A promotional offer may turn out to be just the incentive that your customer needed to become a loyal client. Engagement via promotions, if done in a targeted way, can give you sales volumes and visitor engagement at the same time.

Last aspect of customer engagement is the oldest of the lot. Your website needs visitor feedback. There should be a pop-up extolling your customers to leave a feedback. Tying in a discount coupon might be a good way to prod them on-board. A customer who vents out the negatives of your websites and is then contacted with your marketing department, is bound to come back. There is no feeling better than the one you get when you are listened to. So, listen to what your customers are saying and they will be back for more as engaged visitors.

We looked at a lot of ways for engaging visitors to convert them into loyal customers. Notifications, surveys, after-sales feedback, promotional offers and visitor feedback are all important. But you need to fit them all together as one comprehensive solution. This will allow you to create a compelling and continuously improving user experience with better targeting of content. Customer engagement and retention will automatically follow such a wholesome and integrated customer focused strategy.

Feedify has come out with a suite of products which have been designed specially keeping in mind the whole spectrum of your user engagement needs. Using the best-in-class products from Feedify you can implement targeted notifications, custom designed surveys, personalized after-sales feedback forms, intelligent pop-up based campaign offers as well as a visitor feedback tool with ease. With such an efficient mix of products, you can get all your visitor engagement requirements taken care of together in a balanced and optimized way!