Best Browser Push Notification – Feedify


Push notifications is a trend now a days to communicate with customers directly. While sending push notification it is important to keep in mind that- right message, right user and right context is what is being delivered. As increase in push notification service there are lot of service providers coming up as well. Push notifications has various benefit like: instant delivery, short & simple, time saving. With that if one decides to go for push notifications than comes which service provider to choose, because every service provider will offer different features so one should recognise his/her need & requirement and then choose it accordingly the best fit service provider.

Best Browser Push Notification

There are lot of websites featuring different blogs out of which SOCIAL POSITIVES is one, which has featured a blog about BEST BROWSER AND MOBILE PUSH NOTIFICATION SERVICES OF 2018. In the blog it has featured the entire service provider for push notifications defining all the features so it becomes easy for one to compare and see which one service provider to choose with valid reasons.

FEEDIFY is one service provider for push notification that is featured in the blog- best browser and mobile push notification services of 2018.

Why Feedify:

Feedify helps to create your businesses online presence and get traffic. Helps to communicate with subscribers directly with personalised, targeted and result oriented push notifications. It has various tools to keep customers engaged effectively. Feedify provides variety of add- ons which is free of charge. In a single package only customers are engrossed totally. (exit intent, offers campaign, online survey marker service, after sales feedback). It helps in building audience for both mobile and app, sending personal push notification according to customers’ interest or behaviour for better conversion rate and revenue, expanding reach by tapping the untapped audience and market and increase in click rates. It offer two plans one is totally at no cost and other one is for special bloggers where they pay to bloggers from push ads.


  • Get started at no cost.
  • Firefox, Chrome and Safari push notifications: speak directly to customers with personalised, targeted and result oriented push notifications.
  • Cloud based: everything under one platform as it becomes hassle free for customers to explore and engage.
  • Choose from: provides option for users to choose from which notification to be sent (new to site- welcome them, offers, updates, news and an event). Create something unique and out of the box with the help of images, emojis, and action buttons to grab customer’s attention.
  • Campaign: provide a drip notification campaign and automate it for every new visitor to the website and set it to be pushed at regular intervals for user’s engagement.
  • Count: keep a track of performance with analytics by measuring all the campaign and see what works best.
  • Geo- targeting: push notification are sent on the basis of location and time zone for better result. As it should not distract one from their daily routine.
  • Survey: create survey online to communicate with subscribers and asking for changes to made which could result into betterment of services and make survey look more creative so that one gets convinced to do it for you and you can check with analytics what works out best for you.
  • After sales feedback: ask subscribers where they got stuck in the process or what caused them delay or what worked best for them so that service can get improved and would become more result oriented.
  • Newsletter: create newsletter online and send just need to choose a template, edit and save it.
  • Email support: for any queries one can contact directly through or chat support option where the team is present to help you with your queries.