7 Ways to Increase eCommerce Website Conversion

If you run an eCommerce online store, it’s probably safe to say that you’re always looking for ways to boost your conversion rate, right? You can have all the traffic in the world, but if you aren’t seeing sales then you have work to do. Here are 7 ways that you can increase your Opencart eCommerce conversion rate!

1. Use high-quality product images.

If someone is checking out an online store and they like the idea of a product, one big thing that can stop them from clicking the “buy” button is low-quality product images. Not only are poor images unattractive, they also take away from the reputation of the business. High-quality images communicate a high-quality and trustworthy business. So make sure you’re using good images on your site to increase your conversion rate.

2. Allow currency from each user’s country.

Something that can quickly turn away many potential customers is showing only the currency of one location. There are ways that you can make your store show currencies according to each customer’s individual location. This is more welcoming and clears up confusion for certain customers so you’ll increase your conversion rate.

3. Showcase client testimonials.

Showing previous customers’ testimonials is a very smart thing to do. This not only speaks for the quality of your product(s), it also helps persuade shoppers who are on the fence about buying to actually make a purchase. You don’t have to display testimonials from every single person who has purchased from you; 3-5 quality testimonials should be enough to increase your conversion rate.

4. Include customer reviews on your product pages.

A lot of people won’t make a purchase unless they’ve read reviews from previous customers. So one way that you can increase purchases on your site is to include previous customers’ reviews right on your product pages. This way, people can see what other customers thought of your product and they’ll be more likely to make a decision to buy it for themselves right then and there. Studies have shown that doing this can help your product sales go up by 50 percent.

5. Run sales/discounts regularly.

People love buying items at discounted prices and they’re more likely to buy if they know that the discount is only for a limited time. So consider having a sale on your products regularly. This would definitely encourage more customers to purchase your product(s). Make sure you also make it seen that the sale is only for X amount of time only! Also, creating a special section in your navigation menu for sales and specials will increase conversion and decrease bounce rate. You can draw attention to your website’s sales by using the Feedify Offer Notification tool.

6. Don’t make customers sign up to check out.

Studies have shown that the biggest cause of shopping cart abandonment online is asking customers to sign up for a site before they check out. People just want to buy products, they don’t want to sign up for memberships to websites, especially if they aren’t very familiar with the site in the first place. There are other ways to get people to sign up for your site, you don’t need to make them do it just to buy your products. This is the best way to increase your conversion rate!

7. Offer live chat support.

Many people are more likely to purchase products from a website that offers live chat support to their customers. If people have a question about a product or anything else, they can talk to someone and receive assistance right away. If you offer live chat, make sure that you have a small window show up on the screen, or an icon displayed next to the products to let people know. If there’s no way that you can offer live chat support, at least make sure that contact details like a phone number and email address are displayed where people can easily locate them. This is another great way to increase your conversion rate.