5 Ways to Automate Customer Engagement

Customers are the most important part of your business. No matter what you sell – books, clothes, services, or whatever else – it’s all the same. Without customers, you don’t even have a business. Business owners everywhere are always looking for ways to increase their customer engagement. Here are 5 proven strategies that work, with little effort on your part! All these tools take a one-time set up from you and they automate engagement with an unlimited amount of customers and potential customers.

1. Use Offer Popups to let people know important information.

One way that you could automate customer engagement is by using Feedify offer pop-up notifications on your website. These displays can let your potential customers know any information that you’d like to tell them, and they pop up automatically when a customer is on your website. This can encourage customer engagement with minimal effort from you.

2. Use Exit Intent Popups to capture people’s attention before they bounce.

Using Feedify Exit Intent Pop-ups is a great way to grab people’s attention if they’re going to leave your website. This is a wonderful tool because it can turn people who were going to leave your website into customers. This is a great way to automate customer engagement and attract the attention of people that might not have became customers otherwise.

3. Use Newsletter Pops to automate your email list growth.

Using Feedify Newsletter Pops can help you increase customer engagement, grow your email list, and create new customers all at once. These pop-ups ask people for their email address, which is one of the best ways to get new potential customers. This is one of the best ways to automate customer engagement with almost no effort on your part.

4. Use Offer Notifications to let people know about discounts or sales.

If someone is browsing your website with no intention of buying anything, Feedify Offer Notifications can help persuade them to make a purchase. These notifications can pop up on the bottom of the screen to notify people of sales or discounts going on. This can help you automate customer engagement and make sales because people love limited-time offers and sales.

5. Use Survey or Feedback Forms to get your customers’ opinions.

Using Feedify’s Survey or Feedback forms is a quick and easy way to automate customer engagement. People love to have their opinion heard. These forms help them do that and let your customers know that you value their opinions. This is a simple yet powerful way to automate customer engagement.